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“USOAC has been an instrument of positive change in Alameda County for over 30 years.”​ 

- 1st Vice President Nathaniel Harris 

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Mission Statement


To provide institutional support for seniors, to collectively participate in the public arena, to act from a position of strength, to enable the elderly to address the critical issues, and to change the conditions that impact their lives.


Vision Statement

To help enhance the quality of life for all Alameda County Seniors economically, socially, physically, and mentally - now and for the rest of their lives.


Empowering Seniors. Enriching Youth. Enhancing Community

Who We Are

USOAC is a grassroots, multi-ethnic, inter-generational nonprofit focused on issues of concern to Alameda County senior and their allies. USOAC utilizes organizing techniques to educate, mobilize and enable seniors and their supporters to address issues that affect their quality of life.


In 1986 USOAC started organizing to address shrinking resources for older adults at both the local and regional levels. For more than 30 years, USOAC has helped empower older adults throughout Alameda County by serving as a catalyst for positive change and contributing to betterment of senior citizens and the broader community.


We collaborate with the disabled community, youth, senior service providers and more.


USOAC has a membership of more than 13,000 individuals, including those from chapters and affiliates throughout Alameda County. Community organizing and advocacy is our primary approach for senior empowerment.

We educate and mobilize our members to address personal and systemic issues by advocating for city, county and regional resources.  

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