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WNS4 Walkable Neighborhoods

To start a walk club contact 

Ansar El Muhammad Phone: 510 604-2377


Pedestrian safety is important for older adults because they comprise more than 13% of the population nationwide and 23% of pedestrian fatalities - this means that older adults are twice as likely to be injured and or killed by automobiles.


USOAC is working to create walkable communities throughout Alameda County.

Nearly every 2nd Friday the WCC continues its efforts to improve walking conditions, especially needed more than ever to support the mental and physical health of seniors.


We served nearly 200 participants in 2021. Our leaders have reported that they have resumed walking after the shelter-in-place order in 2020, but not all walkers returned. Leaders have also reported that they have lost walkers due to Covid-19. During the year we met with the Oakland Department of Transportation on issues that affect the quality of lives for seniors. 


We also met with the Oakland Police Department, Lieutenant Sean Z. Fleming of Operations Section and Lieutenant Jeff Thomason to discuss and work on safety issues and concerns. Issues were speeding and sideshows, abandoned vehicles as well as cars blocking sidewalks. The OPD reported to the Walk Club committee that they have a task force that works on sideshows and they will report the our concerns to the task force to include in the targeted trouble areas on their list. Some Walk Club leaders have reported they appreciate OPD working with our Walk Club Committee and have noticed a change in sideshow activity near Bancroft Senior Homes and Palo Vista Gardens, since reporting it.


As an example on September 21st OPD reported 6 vehicles were marked and tagged and 2 were towed both a car clearly parked for more than a few days and a box truck. Most owners came out and moved their vehicles.

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