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USOAC is recognized as
Oakland’s Foremost Senior Advocacy Group!

Our Programs

USOAC strives to improve quality of life and motivate seniors to advocate for their peers resulting in a better community for us all.

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Our Leadership Organizing Team (LOT) prioritizes the needs of older adults and disabled persons by advocating for funding and services county wide.

Tanya Washington 

Program Assistant and Organizer                

(510) 729-0852

Sister Ansar El Muhammad               Program Director

(510) 604-2377

Sister Ansar El Muhammad,                      

Program Director

Phone: (510) 604-2377


Socorro Ramirez

Latino Community Organizer

 Senior Action Team (SAT)

SAT works to address issues affecting older adult’s quality of life through our collaboration with California Alliance for Retired Americans (CARA), The Congress of California Seniors (CCS), the Senior Services Coalition (SSC) and California Walks.

Chonita Chew

Travel Trainer and Community Organizer      

(510) 729-0852

Tanya Washington             Program Assistant

(510) 729-0852

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