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Medication Management Safety Program
Ansar El Muhammad; email:
Phone number: 1(510) 604-2377

One On One


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We conduct Medication Management Safety trainings over the phone and via Zoom to insure appropriate protocol and practices during the Covid-19 pandemic. During 2022, we continue to conduct our Medication Safety Trainings as one-on- ones over the phone and via Zoom presentations, to ensure safety practices during the Covid-19 pandemic. We trained a total of 205 older adults for the year and outreached to total 15,500.


Medication Safety Story

Kidney Failure from Taking Medication Incorrectly

One of our 69 year old participants had health issues for over 30 years. During the last couple of years, he has been taking his medication the wrong way. His pain medication is to be taken every 8 hours and he started taking it every 6 hours or when his pain increases. He was not aware of the damage that he was doing to his body until it was too late. He found out 3 months ago that he had kidney failure due to the way he had been taking his medication. With all the mediation that he was taking and not drinking enough water and/or eating enough food as prescribed, he now realizes the damage that has been done over the years.


He shared that it was a blessing that he did not die when he got sick with kidney failure. He said that he was in a state of confusion and his homecare worker called 911 to get help for him. He was so glad what she did and he shared that she is his hero. She saved his life, because he was admitted into the hospital and had to have an emergency surgery to place a drainage tube in his left kidney. Now he knows how important it is to make sure he takes his medication the right way. He will also share with others the virtue of Medication Management Safety training, so that they can learn the right way to manage their medication before it is too late!

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