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2024 Annual Convention
Friday, June 21, 2024

St. Columba Church Hall: 6401 San Pablo Avenue, Oakland CA 94608

8:30 am Continental Breakfast / Program:  9:00 am until 2:00 pm


Serving older adults, acting as their voice, standing for their rights,

and fighting their well-earned privileges.


For Sponsorship opportunities or to RSVP call (510) 729-0852

or email Mary Bradd at

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36 years of Senior Organizing, Advocacy and Engagement for Today and Tomorrow.

USOAC held a successful 32nd Annual Convention on June 30, 2023.


 Since 1986 the United Seniors has served as a voice for older adults and vehicle for senior empowerment. Last year we commemorated 36 years of Senior Organizing, Advocacy and Engagement for Today and Tomorrow. Our commitment to continue the fight to improve older quality of life throughout alameda county remains steadfast. This year USOAC will conduct many actions to address senior concerns, while convening two major events: 32nd Annual Convention on June 30 and 20th Annual Healthy Living Festival on September 28, 2023. Through these events and other actions, USOAC will raise awareness of older adult issues, educate, and hold public officials accountable, increase senior involvement, champion successful aging, and promote active civic engagement and senior advocacy.


Excerpt from President Nate Miley's Message


The United Seniors is extremely thankful for all the efforts everyone undertook to collaborate and continue our collective work to improve conditions for Alameda County older adults.


What we do means a lot for so many seniors! We could not be successful without our leaders, members, partners, and staff. Together we are making a difference in the quality of life for aging adults countywide. Thank You!


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