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President's Message

"I'm honored to have worked with the United Seniors for 37 years. My significant other, Toni Alexander, shares my pride in serving older adults, acting as their voice, and standing up for their rights, and fighting for their well-earned privileges.

As we always say, what's good for seniors,        is good for everyone!"

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I am proud to be the President of the United Seniors of Oakland and Alameda County (USOAC) and as the President of the Alameda County Board of Supervisors.


Since 1986 the United Seniors has served as a voice for older adults and a vehicle for senior empowerment. Last year we commemorated 36 years of Senior Organizing, Advocacy, and Engagement for Today and Tomorrow! Our commitment to continue the fight to improve older adult quality of life throughout Alameda County remains steadfast.


This year USOAC will conduct many actions to address senior concerns, while convening two major events:

• 32nd Annual Convention on June 30th

• 20th Annual Healthy Living Festival on September 28th


Through these events and other actions, USOAC will raise awareness of older adult issues, educate, and hold public officials accountable, increase senior involvement, champion successful aging, and promote active civic engagement and senior advocacy.


The United Seniors will prioritize in our 2023 program Affordable Housing for Seniors, Probate/Conservatorship Reform, Walkable Neighborhoods for Seniors, Pedestrian Safety, Senior Nutrition Advocacy & Food Security, Covid-19 Relief and Recovery, Senior Technology Capacity Building & Advocacy, Travel Training for Seniors, Medication Management for Seniors, and an Age Friendly County. The 32nd Annual Convention and 20th Annual Healthy Living Festival demonstrates the strength of our organization. It is our public commitment to be the voice of seniors and the vehicle for their empowerment.


Presently, the United Seniors has a membership of more than 13,000. We recognize that there is strength in organized numbers!


I would greatly appreciate your financial support of the United Seniors in any amount during our 37th year to work for and on behalf of seniors throughout Alameda County. For questions please contact me and/or Mary Bradd, Administrative Assistant, at (510) 729-0852 or email As we always say at the United Seniors: “If it is good for seniors, then it is good for everyone."

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