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"I'm honored to have worked with the United Seniors for 38 years. My significant other, Toni Alexander, shares my pride in serving older adults, acting as their voice, and standing up for their rights, and fighting for their well-earned privileges.

As we always say, what's good for seniors,        is good for everyone!"

USOAC President Nate Miley
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President's Message

President Nate Miley and              Lateefah Simon, veteran organizer for civil rights and social justice.
Oakland Councilmember Nikki Fortunato Bas responds to senior concerns on public safety.

I am proud to be the President of the United Seniors of Oakland and Alameda County (USOAC) and also the President of the Alameda County Board of Supervisors. Since 1986, USOAC has served as a voice for older adults and a vehicle for senior empowerment.

Last year, we commemorated 37 years of senior organizing, advocacy, and engagement for today and tomorrow. Our dedication continues with 38 proud years of fighting for older adults’ quality of life. In 2023, USOAC was busy conducting many actions to address senior concerns. Our 2024 Convention Book reports on our various programs and collaborations.


At our annual convention, we raised awareness of older adults’ issues, educated and held public officials accountable, provided reports on our activities and encouraged both civic engagement and senior advocacy.

In the coming years, we will continue to prioritize affordable housing for seniors, probate/conservatorship reform, walkable neighborhoods for seniors, public safety, senior nutrition advocacy and food security, senior technology capacity building and advocacy, Travel Training for Seniors, and an Age-Friendly county.

At this year’s convention, we held a forum and heard from candidates vying for seats on the Alameda County Board of Supervisors and the California State Senate. We also heard from a candidate running for the US Congress. We let them to know about the United Seniors and our plans to enrich the lives of aging adults throughout Alameda County. Finally, we heard from top County officials on the prospects to maintain senior services going into the next fiscal year.

The 33rd Annual Convention demonstrated the strength of our organization. It is our public commitment to be the voice for aging adults and the vehicle for senior empowerment. The United Seniors has a membership of more than 13,000. We recognize the strength in organized numbers and if it is good for seniors, then it is good for everyone!

United Seniors will not quit; we will continue to fulfill our mission for senior empowerment through organizing, advocacy, and civic engagement. I want to thank our Board for all of their hard work and commitment and our small but dedicated and mighty staff! We appreciate our friends of all ages and encourage everyone to join us in supporting the aging population of Alameda County.

May God bless you all,

Nate Miley, President

Proud Walking Club seniors receive Appreciation Awards. 
USOAC Board members being sworn into their new term. 
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