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 Healthy Living Festival

United Seniors of Oakland and Alameda County will be hosting the 20th Annual Healthy Living Festival on September 28, 2023 at the Oakland Zoo.


The Healthy Living Festival of 2022 utilized EventBrite  as a registration tool for those who wished to attend. The sign up process worked out very well.


The highlight of the 2022 HLF was sponsored by the Bay PLS Covid-19 Vaccination Clinic and the Alameda County Health Care Services Agency Public Health Department. The HLF attendees wishing to be vaccinated got the opportunity to do so. Those attendees who had questions about Covid-19 got those questions answered. In addition to the Covid-19 vaccinations, flu shots were also offered to those wanting to get that as well.


The Covid-19 vaccinations health exhibit was a major piece of the HLF. It helped seniors and those who love them to be able to stay on top of the pandemic; what was going on and how they would be affected by it.


There were 23 sponsors with 7 honorary hosts. There were 75 active exhibitors in total with approximately 2500 registrations that included 240 volunteers. All in all the day was very busy, very exciting and tremendously enjoyable.


Well worth the work that went into making the HLF day one for seniors and those who love them memorable! A big shout out to all those who participated in helping us help seniors have a festive and informative day to remember! 


What’s good for seniors is good for all!


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